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Ever since I mentioned to friends and family that this web site would include a "biography" page, everyone's been asking, "What will you say? You want ME to write it for you?" Rather than subject myself, and unsuspecting site visitors, to their stories about my colorful life, I figured I'd better hurry and write something fast, at least to get this thing started. So here goes ...

   I was a working cattle rancher, and my camera went with me whatever I was doing -- checking fences, calving, moving the herd, or working horses or dogs. I like to focus my lens on everyday ranch life, particularly on the animals.

   My favorite subject is the most often over-looked element of ranch life -- the cows. Everywhere I look, artists are celebrating cowboys -- their lives, their tools, their art, their clothing, their poetry, their music, their food, their tack and their horses. I try to give the cows their due. After all, without them, those others are just "boys!"

   A native of the midwest who married a cattle rancher, I picked up a camera to explain to friends "back East" what I'd given up the city life for and why we put up with the hardships that often accompany ranching. It's the little moments that make it all worthwhile -- a cow's tenderness with her newborn calf, the awkward, leggy playfulness of a young foal, the peacefulness of a frosty morning.

   I don't have time to set up shots, so the photographs are spontaneous. While artists in other media can create idealized images, I'm at the mercy of time, place, weather and the whims of my subjects.
Juried Shows / Galleries

• New Blood, New Mexico, van de Griff/Marr Gallery, Santa Fe

• Hubbard Museum of the American West, Riudoso, New Mexico

• ArtWorks, New Bedford, Massachusetts

• Art at the Classic, Draft Horse Classic, Grass Valley, CA

• Denver Indian Market and Western Art Showcase, Denver, CO

• California Works, California State Fair

• Spring Symphony Exhibit, Ironstone Vineyard Gallery, Murphys, CA

• Culture & Agriculture, New Visions Gallery, Marshfield, WI

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